October 26, 2015

Take any strong and consistently successful law firm out there and look at how people communicate. You are guaranteed to find a common thread: effective collaboration. Simply put, it is not the individual quality of lawyers that will set the firm apart – it is their ability to work together in an agile, highly collaborative business model. That’s where having a top-tier social collaboration strategy can make a transformative difference.

Social collaboration can play a huge role in bolstering law firm success.Social collaboration can play a huge role in bolstering law firm success.

The benefits of social collaboration for legal firms

The process by which lawyers within a firm connect is critically important. If, for instance, an attorney needing someone experienced in medical malpractice does not work at a firm with forward-focused social software, then he or she will have to fall back on the outmoded alternative to locate internal expertise: emails and mass phone calls. Such outdated methods promise to waste everybody’s time, and instead of facilitating effective collaboration, they cause information congestion and impede overall firm productivity.

A social collaboration solution like that offered The Firm Directory is the answer to many of the collaborative hurdles that law firms can run into. What many don’t know is that The Firm Directory is actually the ONLY legal-specific experience discovery system that includes built-in social collaboration that is secure, which enables firms to

  • Create matter, practice and client communities with privacy controls and ethical walls to share information internally and externally with complete confidentiality.
  • Build knowledge repositories with email information and intelligence from secure social communities that can be indexed and referenced for future needs.
  • Use familiar social features like newsfeeds, groups, Q&A, mobile and tagging to collaborate on new ideas, develop strategic plans and solve problems faster.

There are many more benefits to The Firm Directory. Read about them here.

Expertise Location + Secure Collaboration 

Fortunately for law firms, Neudesic offers them a uniquely tailored tool that provides all the collaboration benefits built into the world-class expertise location software for legal: The Firm Directory. As a top-tier experience discovery system, The Firm Directory is built to provide firms with all the tools they need to ensure that the right people are found quickly.

These business-boosting features are what makes The Firm Directory such a popular fixture at the nation’s top law firms, from Jenner & Block to Cadwalader. It’s a tool that helps give law firms the competitive edge – which can make all the difference in the legal field. To see The Firm Directory in action, schedule a demo today!