May 30, 2017

We sat down with Lloyd Pearson, legal directories specialist, of 393 Communications to discuss The Firm Directory and our participation at the recent Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference, in Las Vegas.

In the conversation, Mr. Pearson inquired about the unique value that we offer to law firm marketers and business development professionals:

Here at the LMA conference, we are demonstrating how we can help law firms improve the process of responding to RFPs and pitch decks. So, if a law firm needs to know who are the individuals within the firm that have expertise in a given matter, client, location or bar admission, they can utilize The Firm Directory to locate the profiles of those lawyers, and export that knowledge into a pitch deck or an RFP response.

We have made a number of improvements around our integrations including identity providers and SharePoint, we’ve added natural language search capabilities, mobile enhancements, and other user experience improvements.

Mr. Pearson went on to ask about how a marketing manager or a PR manager in a law firm would use The Firm Directory. You can read the answer to this question, as well as the complete interview here.